How to Use Zoom in Special Education

Zoom has been a life-saver since we were thrown head first into digital learning. I especially loved Zoom in special education. It was a great way to continue to hold small groups even though we weren’t together in person. It was also useful for annual case conferences and other special education meetings. How to Set Up a Zoom Meeting After setting up an account, you can set up meetings with many different features. Decide what is right for you and your students. I like that I can set recurring meetings for my small groups. How to Share a Meeting with… View Post

How to Use Boom Cards in Special Education

I have not been a long time Boom Learning user, but I have been in LOVE with it for special education. Here’s why: Some Boom Cards have audio that will read aloud to students. Using Boom cards in special education has been a live saver . In my mind, they have endless opportunities. How to Set Up a Class on Boom Learning Setting up your class on Boom Learning is very easy! You can add your own list or bring them in from Google Classroom. With a few clicks, your students will be ready in no time. How to Assign… View Post

How to Use Google Classroom in Special Education

I have used Google Classroom since it first launched in 2014. I absolutely love it as a way to share things with my special education students. In this blog post, I want to share with you my tips for using Google Classroom in Special Education, specifically in a resource room. I’ll also be sharing how to do basic tasks in Google Classroom, such as setting up your classroom and adding students. How to Set up a Google Classroom You and your students will need to have Gmail accounts in order to use Google Classroom. To set up your classroom, go… View Post

Simple Special Education Tips to Prepare for a New School Year

Goodness, as a special education teacher, there are about 100 things to do every day. We need the summer to rest, relax, and prepare for the new school year. In this post, I’ll be sharing ten things that I try to do every summer in order to prepare for the next year.  Reflect on Last Year Be honest with yourself. What went well? What didn’t go well? What changes would you like to make for next year? As teachers, we should always be looking to grow, learn, and change. I try to reflect and determine a handful of strengths and… View Post

5 Quick & Easy Ideas to Motivate Your Students in Math

In my small math groups, we are often doing HARD work. We do it repeatedly in order to make it easier. But doing 3-Digit computation over and over can be frustrating and easy to avoid for our students with disabilities. I’ve been working to find 5 quick and easy ideas to motivate my students in math by encouraging them to keep working hard and trying difficult tasks. Countdown or Token Board I like to use a countdown or token board as a motivator to keep my students going. I add a number to the countdown board with each and every… View Post
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